Jema Shooter

Owner & Licensed Esthetician

For more than a decade, Jema has practiced her passion for skin care in Illinois and Florida. While remaining dedicated to her patients’ skin care needs, she searched the entire world for the finest ingredients and found a way to create a less painful waxing experience with organic wax and all natural products. Her outgoing personality makes everyone around her feel at home. Today she enjoys sharing her skin care knowledge with other passionate professionals looking to expand their talents. When Jema is not in the treatment room, she loves being a mother and spending time outdoors with her family.


    Valerie Hernandez

    Licensed Esthetician

    For over 5 years she has practiced her passion for skin care. Valerie joined the iWAXu team to help provide a less painful waxing experience with organic wax and all natural products. Valerie has an outgoing and corky personality! She spends time perfecting her technique and following her desire to become a make-up artist. When she is not in a wax room, she stays active while being a housewife taking care of her son who recently started preschool.


      Marjorie De La Rosa

      Licensed Esthetician

      Marjorie identified beauty as her passion early on and decided to pursue her career in skincare. She launched her career over 10 years ago as a makeup artist and in 2007 began learning every aspect of the skincare industry. Her expertise includes Brazilian waxing, body waxing, and back facials to name a few. Marjorie takes pride in delivering a smooth, comfortable, and relaxing experience for all of her clients, including her most sensitive skin types.


        Ashley Nicole

        Licensed Esthetician

        Ashley graduated from Continental School of Beauty in Upstate New York. Ashley holds an esthetics license in New York state as well as Florida state. She is very passionate about beauty and skincare. Her goal is to make everyone feel beautiful and radiant in their own skin. Her specialties are eyebrows and facial waxing but that does not stop her from doing perfect Brazilians. In her free time Ashley enjoys doing make-up and researching new techniques to keep her skills sharp.


          Lisa Riehl

          Licensed Esthetician

          Lisa graduated from Aveda institute in Seattle and has held a license as both Nail Technician and Esthetician since 1992. She has taken many steps to further her career and strives to provide her clients the most professional and cutting edge services, including new products and techniques. She has had extensive training and experience on Full Body Waxing and now looks forward to utilizing these skills at iWAXu.