About Us

At iWAXu, we offer an exceptional value for whatever your budget is. No matter which waxing services you choose, we always use several spatulas and never double dip. We are very careful about choosing only the best hypoallergenic and all natural products. We have always had an eye on our guests’ health and wellbeing. Our private waxing rooms and tools are maintained at the highest level of hygiene. Each iWAXu Professional is trained extensively to properly disinfect and sanitize after every client. This is important for our guests’ safety and health.

Our Mission

iWAXu is dedicated to providing a superior full body waxing experience by only using the highest quality and most gentle waxing products in the entire world. Our exceptionally clean environment is maintained by our personable, humble and happy Estheticians who are determined to reveal your smoothest skin. We will allow you to look and feel your absolute best with our special mix of all natural and hypoallergenic elastic waxes.

About our Elastic Wax

Our most Luxurious wax is the Premium Hypoallergenic Elastic Wax. Expertly crafted for hypersensitive and delicate skin, iWAXu’s Premium wax is the epitome of luxury waxing and provides a flawless experience every time. Its active natural principles that derived from Tamanu oil and other neurosensory ingredients, care for skin, reduce pain, and help it recover faster than any other wax in the world. This hypoallergenic elastic wax is also free of rosins, parabens, colorants, and fragrances. Our All Natural Elastic Wax is ideal for speed waxing services for the entire body at an affordable price. This phenomenal wax combines the benefits of a hard and strip wax in one! It is super gentle like a hard wax, but has the power and grip of a strip wax. While no hairs stand the chance of surviving our waxing technique your skin will be nothing short of soft and smooth. Treat your sensitive skin with iWAXu’s all natural elastic wax today!

Why choose Elastic Wax?

Longer lasting results is one of the incredible benefits of Elastic Wax. It adheres only to the hair leaving the skin silky smooth without the irritation you receive from most other waxes that stick to your skin. Elastic wax has the ability to adhere to extremely short hairs which allows for a quick and smooth touch-up. Say "Good-bye" to the weeks of growing out your hair! In addition, Elastic wax is a low fusion wax which melts at a lower temperature to avoid unnecessary overheating and irritation.We only use hypoallergenic elastic wax for all facial waxing to ensure we can provide the least irritation as possible for the most sensitive skin types.

Our Story

Jema, founder and operator of iWAXu® and Valerie, owner of our first franchise; work together in selecting only the purest skin care products in the world. They believe that everyone including the most sensitive skin types should get the chance to look and feel beautiful in their own skin! That is why they kept the luxury services at very affordable prices. They love meeting new skin care professionals who share the same passion for smooth skin. Jema and Valerie train each technician to be a humble expert with their gentle elastic waxing technique. Their calm bed side manners set you at ease while their outgoing personalities make you feel right at home.