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Gently Performed, Natural & Organic Hair Removal

Say goodbye to unwanted hair—and your razor—when you come to iWAXu. Our Estheticians perform natural and organic hair removal with safe, gentle wax that leaves you feeling "smooth as silk."

Elastic Waxing

Whether you choose our organic or all-natural wax, both are a warm, elastic wax that adheres only to your unwanted hair, making it less painful than any other wax. By entering the follicle and bonding to the hair shaft as it cools, our wax grabs shorter hairs, ending the need to "grow out" an area before repeat waxing. As a result, our elastic wax allows for a smooth touchup much sooner than other waxes.
Because of its elasticity, the wax extracts the hair without lifting the skin or breaking the hair, and its low-fusion wax melts at a lower temperature to avoid overheating. These qualities effectively eliminate the burning, irritation, and discomfort associated with sticky, traditional honey wax. Best of all, our wax is infused with an amazing scent, which helps you to relax while being waxed.

Organic Wax

Our special Organic Elastic Wax is Hypoallergenic. All the ingredients are extracted from the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil.

All Natural Wax

Our All Natural elastic wax has a creamy texture with exotic coconuts. Formulated with titanium dioxide from Australia.

Special Instructions Prior To Waxing

Hydration eases extraction and helps to prevent ingrown hairs. It is highly recommended that you hydrate completely before your waxing appointment. Regular exfoliation also eases extraction while preventing ingrown hairs. Gentle exfoliation one week prior to waxing and one week post waxing is recommended for all body-waxing treatments, along with your estheticians recommended home care.

Cancellation Policy

Once an appointment is booked-unless we hear otherwise- we'll expect you to be there. "Skipped" appointments may incur a minimum charge of $5 otherwise up to 50% of the reserved services. Any outstanding balances are expected to be paid before your next scheduled appointment.
-Any multiple services or combos must be held with a valid credit card. Multiple services or combos not cancelled 24hours in advance will be charged 50% of the reserved service amount. A credit card "HOLD" transaction may be made on your credit card to reserve the appointment time.
- Appointments made within the 24 hour period and need to cancel or reschedule please understand you will be charged the cancel fee.
Contact us for longer-lasting, smoother skin with our natural & organic hair removal.