Elastic Waxing & Luxury Skin Care

Luxury Waxing for Everyone

We Treat Your Skin With Care

iWAXu is dedicated to providing a superior full body waxing experience by only using the highest quality waxing products in the entire world. Our exceptionally clean environment is maintained by  our personable, humble and happy Estheticians who are determined to reveal your smooth skin.  We will allow you to look and feel your absolute best with our special mix of all natural and hypoallergenic elastic waxes.

Jema, founder and operator of iWAXu works with her passionate team in selecting the purest skin care products in the world to ensure our clients receive the best care for their gentle skin.

We recommend taking home our luxury skin care products to use daily, so you can best prepare for and prolong your wax.

Gentle Powers of Elastic Wax

 Longer lasting results is one of the incredible benefits of Elastic Wax. It adheres only to the hair leaving the skin silky smooth without the irritation you receive from most other waxes that stick to your skin.  Elastic wax has the ability to adhere to extremely short hairs which allows for a quick and smooth touch-up. Say “Good-bye” to the weeks of growing out your hair! In addition, Elastic wax is a low fusion wax which melts at a lower temperature to avoid unnecessary overheating and irritation.

Benefits of Hypoallergenic Wax

We only use hypoallergenic elastic wax for all facial waxing to ensure we can provide the least irritation as possible for the most sensitive skin types. Upgrade your body waxing service to iWAXu’s Premium Hypoallergenic Wax. This wax is safe for anyone to use including pregnant women and cancer patients.

How to Prepare for a Wax

It is highly recommended that you hydrate completely before your waxing appointment to avoid ingrown hairs. Gentle exfoliation one-week prior to waxing and one-week post waxing is recommended for all body-waxing treatments, along with your esthetician’s recommended home care. 

Meet The Team

Founder, Owner & Esthetician
Valerie Hernandez
Owner of Riverview & Esthetician
Ashley Nicole
Kathryn Johnson
Brianca Johnson
Office Assistant
Niko Jaramillo
Lizzette Garcia
Office Assistant




iBrows ~ 20

Upper Lip ~ 10

Lower Lip ~ 5

Chin ~ 10

Nostrils ~ 10

Sideburns ~ 12

Forehead ~ 10

Ears ~ 13

Jaw or Cheeks ~ 10

Neck or Nape ~ 10

iBrows & Upper Lip ~ 30

Lip & Chin ~ 20

iBrows, Lip, Chin ~ 40

iBrows, Lip, Nostrils ~ 40

Beard Line ~ 45

Beard ~ 65

Beard w/iBrows ~ 83


Underarms ~ 20

Full Arms ~ 42

½ Arms ~ 26

¼ Arms ~ 20

Hands ~ 12

Chest ~ 42

Stomach ~ 32

Chest & Stomach ~ 68

Stomach Strip ~ 15…w/bikini~ 6

Back ~ 56

½ back ~ 35

¼ back ~ 25

Shoulders ~ 21

Back & Shoulders ~ 66

Full Legs ~ 96

Upper Legs ~ 60

Lower Legs ~ 46

Full Inner Thighs ~ 28

½ Inner Thighs ~ 15



Bikini Edge ~ 30

Brief Bikini ~ 42

Brazilian Bikini ~ 54

Full Brazilian Bikini ~ 66

Full Buttocks ~ 36

½ Buttocks ~ 26

Buttocks Strip ~ 30

Full Buttocks ~ 61

Biker ~ 119


Bikini Line ~ 20

Deep Bikini ~ 35

Brazilian Bikini ~ 46

Full Brazilian Bikini ~ 56

Full Buttock ~ 30

½ Buttocks ~ 20 …w/Bikini ~ 10

¼ Buttocks ~ 10…w/Bikini ~ 5

Buttock Strip ~ 20…w/Bikini ~ 10

Full Buttocks ~ 45

Biker ~ 96






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25% OFF

Eyebrow Waxing


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FREE Bikini Line Wax

 M-F 11am-4pm

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Brazilian Peel ~$20

Brazilian Mask ~$35

Microdermabrasion ~$75

Custom Facial ~$39

Custom Back Facial ~$59

Smoothing Facial ~$99

Smoothing Back Facial ~$119


Chemical Peel ~$15

Extractions ~$15

LED Light Therapy ~$10


Henna iBrows ~$35

iBrow Lamination ~$45

iLash Lift ~$55

iLash or iBrow Tint ~$35

iBrow Threading ~$10


Cancellation Policy & More

Call  or Text your location to make ANY changes to your appt.
Skipped appointments may incur a minimum charge of $5 otherwise up to 50% on reserved services. Any outstanding balances are expected to be paid before your next scheduled appointment. 

Appointments must be held with a valid credit card. Multiple services or combos not cancelled 24-hours in advance may be charged up to 50% of the reserved service(s) amount. A credit card transaction may be made on your credit card to reserve the appointment time.
ALL Credit Card Transactions are NOT Refundable.
All prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

Appointments made within the 24 hour period and need to cancel or reschedule please understand you will be charged the cancellation fee.
We will temporarily waive most fees for a limited time due to Covid-19.