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Elastic Waxing
For Everyone
Gentle Body Waxing to Remove Unwanted Hairs

Face and Body Waxing Salon

We Treat Your Skin Right

iWAXu provides gentle facial and body waxing for everyone. Our friendly and licensed estheticians leave your skin feeling smooth with our natural and organic hair removal services. We use safe and gentle wax, to ensure your experience as comfortable as possible.

Jema, founder and lead esthetician at iWAXu hand picks all of the products and waxes we use, to ensure our clients receive the gentlest care for their skin. We also retail our luxury pre and post waxing products, so you can best prepare for and prolong your wax.

Elastic Wax

Gentle Powers of Elastic Wax

Elastic wax is the only wax we use in our salon because of its incredible benefits! Elastic wax has longer lasting results than other waxes and is the most painless wax available. Elastic wax has the ability to adhere to extremely short hairs which allows for smooth touch-ups. In addition, low fusion wax melts at a lower temperature to avoid overheating and irritation.

All Natural Wax Vs Organic Wax

Both waxes are elastic, so they work the same way.The difference is the ingredients. Organic wax is hypoallergenic and we recommend it for our most sensitive skin types.

We use only organic wax for all our facial waxes, for body waxing ask your esthetician for an organic wax upgrade.

How to Prepare for a Wax

It is highly recommended that you hydrate completely before your waxing appointment to avoid ingrown hairs. Gentle exfoliation one-week prior to waxing and one-week post waxing is recommended for all body-waxing treatments, along with your esthetician’s recommended home care.

Ditch the razor and call iWAXu today at 727-755-3929 to book one of our elastic waxing services.
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